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    3 Apps / Website On This Valentine's Day For The Technophile

    In the private-jet age, it's hard to find time to even reply back to a text message. Let alone finding a date on Vday! You can get fast-food but a fast-date wouldn't be the perfect way to spend this Feb 14th. Here's list of apps that might actually make it easier for you to find that someone special. Hint: There's no swiping involved.


    New to the app landscape, Eindrink - The Purple, Party Poppin’ Mobile App! This is one of the coolest communities ever invented! Created by European tech-entrepreneur Adrian Brezulianu, Eindrink is about personalization and offering tailored communication to Users based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and more.

    The Eindrink Mobile App can provide custom recommendations and updates to the Users. Furthermore, Eindrink can also identify location of the Users in real-time to provide geography-specific content so the user can find the most poppin’ party in town!”

    The app enables users to find events within his/her location, connect, with friends and share the fun! "I’m already an active member of this Community and have recommended all of my celebrity friends to join and be a part of the Eindrink Community.” says Hollywood Social Media Star, Diego Valdez.


    After huge success in London, over to Cannes, Saint Tropez at the French Riviera, and then expansion to the world’s metropolis like Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Stockholm, Clubbable is now headed to Los Angeles. Looking for a date in a high-end night club? Clubbable helps users discover just that. Guest list includes models, famous celebrities, and more.

    Clubbable is a VIP nightlife brand with a highly sophisticated app that makes going out VIP more fun, easier, safer and a lot better. To celebrate their success and expansion they are throwing a Hollywood pool party! What a better place than here to find your better half?

    The upcoming launch party includes DJs, saxophone, body painting, BBQ, inflatables, lots of Champagne, celebrities, actors, models, social media stars and much more. Head over to the app stores and download the app to get your hands on the coveted invitation.

    Secret Benefits

    And for all the Sugar Daddies and Mommies, there's always the hottest new website - Secret Benefits. Filled with many 5 star reviews, it provides a super-easy way to sign up, create an account, and start browsing the profiles. The site offers the option of verification of profiles, this prevents the users from getting scammed or disappointed and it only takes less than a minute to get verified.

    It also gives users the option to add several images. You can post selfies to your heart's content. Some pictures can also be marked "secret," these images can be kept private and only be shared with the chosen ones. Guys, keep in mind that you will end up spending a bit more than usual on this app.

    Their website offers excellent advice and suggestions via their blog. If you're into the sugar-dating, this website is worth a shot!