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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Lehrerboys

Daniel & Jeremy Lehrer Cartoons for the discerning idiot. Recruit a friend into the idiot army!

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5. After representing the oil industry, HMO’s, and a well-known pornographer, Jeremy decided he had done enough good for the world as a lawyer. It was time to rake in the real bucks as a cartoonist and writer.

8. They recently held a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Contest” on their Instagram account, @lehrerboys. There were hundreds of entries. The winner, in London, was sent a real chicken dinner.

9. They just finished a "Mad Men" inspired photo-shoot with noted LA-based photographer Ron Eshel. Daniel was in drag and had to sit in makeup for hours. He claims that the experience helped him "get in touch with his feminine side," by which he means that the high heels really hurt.

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