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    This Bluetooth Keyboard Basically Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop, And It's Never Leaving My Side

    You'll never have to type on a screen again with this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

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    My life has been divided into two parts: before I started using the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard, and after.

    A writer friend of mine suggested it to me. She billed it as “some kind of wizardry,” but it’s actually a Bluetooth keyboard that you can pair to three devices, switching between them as necessary with but a mere turn of the dial.

    Which sounded cool when she explained it, but because I had approximately $4 in my bank account, I decided against buying. It was only after two more friends suggested the exact same keyboard independently of each other that I figured they might be onto something. Since I am not completely averse to making my life easier, I took the plunge.

    And let me tell you: I’m so glad I did.

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    Writing, doing research, and procrastinating by googling Sonic the Hedgehog conspiracy theories has never been easier. It’s a computer keyboard, but you can also pair it to your smartphone and/or tablet, enabling you to switch between them without switching keyboards. The transition from one device to another is SEAMLESS. The keyboard is both Mac- and PC-compatible, it has the durability of an old-school Nokia phone, and I’ve only had to change the batteries (it comes with two AAAs) once in the last year. It’s also incredibly responsive; there’s almost no lag when I type, which is saying something. As a child of the Information Age who didn’t go outside nearly enough as a kid, I type fast.

    Did I mention it’s super easy to sync?

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    As technology drifts further and further away from my realm of comprehension, I can feel myself becoming a crotchety old man who doesn’t know how phones work, and even I was able to figure it out.

    Its nearly 1,800 reviews on Amazon have a couple of recurring themes: 1) “This is actually my second time buying this keyboard, and 2) “I am typing on it AS WE SPEAK.”

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    “This is actually my second time buying this exact keyboard. My niece spilled water all over my previous one ruining the functionality. I did my research on the best Bluetooth keyboards to use and this was on the list. I had actually seen these models used by undercover police officers on MSNBC. LOL, ANYWAY as soon as I realized my first one was ruined I immediately order it again. I use it for writing on my phone and tablet, it comes in handy with my smart TV as well. All around wonderful piece of technology.” —Emily

    “I love this keyboard — in fact I am using it to type this review. I've had other Bluetooth keyboards but none of them worked nearly as well as the Logitech Multi-Device keyboard. I connect my laptop to my 55" flat-screen to read articles and watch movies from my recliner. Having my laptop in my lap was uncomfortable and the handheld keyboard I bought was too difficult to use. The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard easily fits into my lap and is very comfortable. What is even better is that I can also use it with my iPad and iPhone. The only thing on my wish list for the keyboard would be a touchpad, otherwise it is perfect.” —Jon Dough

    “This is my second time buying this exact keyboard and it is what I am writing this review on right now. I love the size and aesthetic of this device. It is supremely functional with very rare and logical troubleshooting to get the various electronics to sync up if they haven't been linked in a while. I chose to buy a second one so that I could have one for my office desk upstairs and one for just chatting in my living room while bringing my iPad between the two. I couldn't be more pleased with their performance.” —Nicolette Valentine

    It's basically the perfect gift for anyone whose work involves typing (like, say, a writer! Or just someone who comments on a lot of BuzzFeed posts).

    “For 20 bucks or so, this keyboard accomplishes what so many expensive gadgets promise: a typewriter-like, distraction-free portable writing device. The rounded keys travel an impressive distance and produce a satisfying click. The groove easily supports my Google Nexus 6 in its case (a big phone), allowing me to write outdoors, in cafés — wherever — into a distraction-free notes app. I've also started using it with my laptop (a Yoga 13), as I prefer this keyboard by a mile, and it frees me to sit in more ergonomic positions. The device dial works flawlessly and batteries have held up after days of consistent use (and it does come with batteries, so there's that).

    Bottom line, I would recommend this to any serious writer, and will be giving it as a gift to every writer I know.” —Julie Harris

    The one qualm people seem to have is that the keys are loud, which I think is fair.

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    They’re certainly not 100% silent. Personally, I love that good, satisfying, confident clack of keys. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I feel like I get more done that way. I feel like I’m a corporate executive with a city-view office on the 17th floor, and my life’s being directed by David Fincher.

    Just try it for yourself. You'll see what I mean.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.29, Jet for $24.25, or Walmart for $27.25 (available in black or white).

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