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    This Bluetooth Keyboard Basically Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop, And It's Never Leaving My Side

    You'll never have to type on a screen again with this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

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    My life has been divided into two parts: before I started using the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard, and after.

    And let me tell you: I’m so glad I did.

    Did I mention it’s super easy to sync?

    Its nearly 1,800 reviews on Amazon have a couple of recurring themes: 1) “This is actually my second time buying this keyboard, and 2) “I am typing on it AS WE SPEAK.”

    It's basically the perfect gift for anyone whose work involves typing (like, say, a writer! Or just someone who comments on a lot of BuzzFeed posts).

    “For 20 bucks or so, this keyboard accomplishes what so many expensive gadgets promise: a typewriter-like, distraction-free portable writing device. The rounded keys travel an impressive distance and produce a satisfying click. The groove easily supports my Google Nexus 6 in its case (a big phone), allowing me to write outdoors, in cafés — wherever — into a distraction-free notes app. I've also started using it with my laptop (a Yoga 13), as I prefer this keyboard by a mile, and it frees me to sit in more ergonomic positions. The device dial works flawlessly and batteries have held up after days of consistent use (and it does come with batteries, so there's that).

    Bottom line, I would recommend this to any serious writer, and will be giving it as a gift to every writer I know.” —Julie Harris

    The one qualm people seem to have is that the keys are loud, which I think is fair.

    Just try it for yourself. You'll see what I mean.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.29, Jet for $24.25, or Walmart for $27.25 (available in black or white).

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