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10 Times We Wished People Really Got The Hint

Could we BE any clearer?

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4. When someone keeps sending all-staff emails, despite the fact no one ever replies.

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If an email is sent in an office and there's no one there to read it, does it make a sound?

5. When there's clearly a well-formed queue of 20 people and someone pushes to the front.


Even if queuing is supposedly a "British" thing, there's no excuse not to have gotten the hint by now.

6. When you put your earphones in, but someone insists on telling you their life story.

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"Oh hey, did I tell you about my friend Janine when we went to this concert last night and she lost her wallet and then she panicked and then she thought she might have lost her phone too but she didn't so she called the bank to cancel her stuff but the bank wouldn't pick up so she started to really panic but then it turned out the wallet was in her bag all along?"


7. When you shout "Can you move down please?" and NOTHING HAPPENS.

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You know there's definitely some space in there somewhere, if only they moved down a bit.

Life could be so much easier, if only people just got the hint.

Luckily, Google doesn't need telling twice. Search gives you tailored results based off your history, so you don't have to repeat yourself.

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