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15 Reasons We Miss The Internet Of The '90s

Altogether now! *hums the dial-up tune until you start dancing*

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2. Singing along to the dial-up modem "tune" was an absolute joy.

Olga Aleksandrovna Lisitskaya / Getty Images / Via

What some may call "a horrendous cacophony of beeps and screeches that sounded like someone massacring a robot orgy", others may call "a catchy-as-hell tune".

8. Also, actually printing off cheats for games was super helpful.

Midi Desaster (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

And you could tape it to the inside of your textbook and trick your parents into thinking you were (lol) revising for exams.

10. The anticipation of waiting 20 minutes for one song to download was actually quite fun.

Chad Baker / Getty Images / Via

Even though it was pretty much never, ever worth it. Man, music in the 1990s was absolute trash.

13. Downloading your favourite internet webpages to a floppy disk so you can access them later was a genius idea.

Top Photo Corporation / Getty Images / Via

It definitely was not dumb. Bring back floppies, I say. Floppies for all!

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