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15 Ways To Document Your Holiday Party With GIFs

Don't let uninspired photography make a memorable party look meh. Bring your holiday events to life with a few simple motion photography techniques. Each of these GIFs was created during the course of a single party using Auto Awesome on Google+.

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2. Illustrate the specific steps of cooking.

Let's be real about food photography: It's usually only interesting to the people eating the food. Turn this around with some informative action shots.

9. Add depth and character to the ubiquitous dinner table portrait.

It doesn't take much to make your dinner look like a scene from The Matrix. Set your camera on a tripod and take a series of shots while moving around the table in an arc.

10. Treat your champagne with the respect it deserves.

From the pop of the cork to glasses overflowing with bubbles, if there were ever a beverage that deserved a GIF, it's champagne.

Challenge yourself to create your own amazing animations with Auto Awesome. Once you install the Google+ app, turn on Auto Backup, and simply take a series of 5+ photographs of the same subject to create an animated GIF!

All images via JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

Party location via Sascha & Nina.

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