15 Ways To Document Your Holiday Party With GIFs

Don’t let uninspired photography make a memorable party look meh. Bring your holiday events to life with a few simple motion photography techniques. Each of these GIFs was created during the course of a single party using Auto Awesome on Google+.

1. Capture the frenetic energy of preparation.

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Time-lapse photography gives the satisfaction of seeing a chore progressing to completion.

2. Illustrate the specific steps of cooking.

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Let’s be real about food photography: It’s usually only interesting to the people eating the food. Turn this around with some informative action shots.

3. Get up close and personal with the main course.

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You can highlight the texture, color, and shape of food by strategically panning over each dish.

4. And show how your food wiggles and jiggles…

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These canned cranberries wouldn’t look very interesting as a still image.

5. …or quickly disappears.

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Goodbye, sweet pie.

6. Break down a place setting to highlight the individual elements.

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This shot will make your mom happy if you’re using family china.

7. And bring an entire table to life.

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Unlike a still image, stop-motion photography lets you give appropriate attention to every aspect of your feast.

8. Preserve the excitement of guests arriving.


A series of zoomed-in shots from the top of a stairwell can show the bursts of joy as guests arrive.

9. Add depth and character to the ubiquitous dinner table portrait.

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It doesn’t take much to make your dinner look like a scene from The Matrix. Set your camera on a tripod and take a series of shots while moving around the table in an arc.

10. Treat your champagne with the respect it deserves.

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From the pop of the cork to glasses overflowing with bubbles, if there were ever a beverage that deserved a GIF, it’s champagne.

11. Let the bubbles put on a show.

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12. Record the spontaneous moments before and after a toast.

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A single photo of glasses touching really doesn’t tell you much about the personalities and energy in a room.

13. And depict the sweetness in the air when dessert is served.

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A GIF of steam rising from a pot of homemade hot chocolate is as close as you can get to photographing a smell.

14. Capture the mood as the party descends into the wee hours of the night.


With the flicker of candles setting a mellow vibe.

15. And ends, like many good parties end, when someone pulls out a guitar and bongos.

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And with that, you reach a noisy and awkward conclusion to an otherwise perfect night.

Challenge yourself to create your own amazing animations with Auto Awesome. Once you install the Google+ app, turn on Auto Backup, and simply take a series of 5+ photographs of the same subject to create an animated GIF!

All images via JUrquhart / BuzzFeed
Party location via Sascha & Nina.

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