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Foodie Subcultures That Are Taking It To The Next Level

It's easier than ever to follow your taste buds online. Whatever your culinary interests may be, Google+ Communities can help you connect with people who are into the stuff you love.

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1. The Plating Artists


It's a popular notion that you "eat with your eyes." Research has shown that visual cues can have an impact on taste and flavor. The social media-fueled world of food photography is upping the standards for creative plating. It's an easy scene to join!

2. The Hyperlocals


A growing trend in recent years is the practice of hyperlocal food sources. This is where ingredients are only sourced from locally available, in-season ingredients. For locally sourced restaurants, menus change frequently, and dining is always an adventure. Eating this way takes a little effort, but the food typically tastes better (it's fresh!) and you're helping the local economy.

3. The Cavemen


What actually is the paleo diet? In basic terms, it's the elimination of almost all processed foods (including bread) and a reliance on lean meats, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and plant oils. There are many versions of the diet, with some versions being (arguably) healthier than others. If you want to give it a try, there are plenty of people online who are excited to share tips and recipes.

4. Masters of Fermentation


Fermentation uses the power of yeasts and bacteria to break down food and modify the flavor and nutritional value. The fermentation movement has taken off in recent years with growing evidence around the health benefits of certain types of bacteria in the digestive process. Members of this food community know that you can't go wrong with beer, cheese, yogurt, and pickles!

5. The Foragers


Foraging is finding food from natural sources in the wild. It's paleo and hyperlocalism taken to the extreme (and might not be the easiest way to get a well-rounded diet). If you're going to try it out, the biggest rule of thumb to foraging is do not eat anything you cannot identify and positively identify and deem safe. If you like spending a weekend day in the woods, learn more about your local foraging groups.

6. Molecular Gastronomists


Molecular gastronomy is defined as using science to transform the taste and texture of foods. This community of analytical foodies is unlocking previously unexplored realms of flavor. This style of cooking can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, so, like college classes, don't dive into the advanced techniques first!

7. The Meat Curers


Charcuterie is the art of cured and smoked meats. From burly sausage and bacon to delicate prosciuttos and pâtés, this group of passionate foodies is taking meat to the next level. Explore this community and discover all of the unexpected things that go well inside of a sausage.

10. Culinary Time Travelers


Fans of historical cooking try to represent recipes with tools and ingredients from the time of the recipe's origin. From ancient Egypt to 1950s America, just pick a time and a place and get cooking. (And if you screw up, no one will know what the original recipe was supposed to taste like!)

11. Miniature Chefs


A recent trend, popularized in Asia, is the preparation of teeny-tiny edible versions of normal food. It's a showcase of patience, dexterity, and pure skill, but it's all in pursuit of the perfect, most adorable bite. Join this community if you want to give it a try, or just want to see what other people have made.

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