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The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Summer Music Festivals

Don’t let the festivals conquer you. Get amped up for your next festival by jamming out to Google Play Music!

1. The first step? Picking the right festival.

2. Pack some layers.

3. If you’re camping, bring balloons or fun inflatables to help mark your area.

4. Portable speakers are more important than you think.

5. An air mattress is ALWAYS worth it.

6. Pack hella snacks.

7. Use your phone to take screenshots of the festival website's maps and schedule since you might not have great service.

8. Write up a document to organize your expenses.

9. Compare set times so you can maximize and see as many artists as possible.

10. Set phone alarm reminders for applying sunscreen.

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Wherever you end up, Google Play Music’s stations for any festival will have you like: