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The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Summer Music Festivals

Don’t let the festivals conquer you. Get amped up for your next festival by jamming out to Google Play Music!

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2. Pack some layers.

Even if your destination is literally 🔥, don’t underestimate how cool the nights can get! Bring outfits that are still on point with a jacket if need be. Hate packing? Blast some tunes to get you grooving while you pack.

5. An air mattress is ALWAYS worth it.

There’s always the “air mattresses vs. cots” debate when it comes to tent beds, but an air mattress is comfy, fits more than one body, and is super easy to travel with.

6. Pack hella snacks.

Dancing your face off for hours on end requires energy, and you’re not gonna get it by fueling your body with just food vendor junk. Save some serious $$$ and keep the vibe going with prepacked snacks like granola bars, turkey jerky, nuts, and meal-replacement shakes. Oh, and bottled water!

10. Set phone alarm reminders for applying sunscreen.

If you’re rocking out in the sun, you need to protect your skin. A rule of thumb for when to reapply sunscreen is to multiply the SPF number with the number of minutes it usually takes you to start to burn (say, 15 minutes); consider that sum the number of minutes it takes for the first application to wear off!

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