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12 Signs You’re, Like, Totally The Chill One In Your Friend Group

TBH you're the friend everyone looks forward to spending time with the most. Keep your chill vibes going with the curated listening experiences at Google Play Music — free music for everything you do.

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2. Your friends thiiink you take too long to make a decision, especially at dinner.


In your defense, it's not your fault the menu (and the rest of life) has too many options. How do people expect you to pick one thing so quickly? Calm down people!

3. You've always had a signature look and don't plan on changing it.

It's YOUR style, and some people are dying to be this cool.

4. Alarm clocks are your sworn enemies.[term]=anime%20tired%20gifs&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=4

Like, why are they so loud and obnoxious? Waking up on your own always lends to a more peaceful day.

8. Nonetheless, you’re a logical and free thinker.


Your mentality allows you to properly examine tough situations and think of honest and well-thought-out solutions. As a result, you're always #winning!

9. You also have a super-positive outlook on life.

Because stress isn't a good look, bruh!

Being this chill isn't a life everyone's cut out for. Complement your swag with any of the countless playlists Google Play Music has to offer.

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