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15 Moments When Your Music Perfectly Matches Your Life

Music keeps life animated. From sunrise to sunrise, Google Play Music has all the radio stations to perfectly complement your life — free, ad-supported music for everything you do.

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1. Whenever your morning is a struggle:


And your jam gives you a WAY better kick than coffee.

2. When your tunnel vision is too real at work:


You: 2, Endless Stress: 0.

3. After you bought out the mall:


And your favorite pop song has you catwalking out the mall like a baller. You better WERK!

4. When you're having a bad day:


Your music always understands you, even when no one else does.

5. When you're heading to a job interview:

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That empowering song leaves you in high spirits and ready to flaunt your talent. That job is yours. ;)

6. While you're killing it at the gym:

BuzzFeed Video / Via

26...27...28... Keep going. You're a rock star!

7. When your crush asks you to hang out: / Via

Now, if only the lyrics could recommend something to wear...

8. When you're having a moment with your best friend:


No words need to be exchanged, just good vibes. 🎶👯

9. When you're cleaning the house:

New Line Cinema / Via

Sway, sway, sweep! Step, step, wipe! Tap, tap, dust!

10. Every time you're on hold:


At least the instrumental makes the wait more enjoyable.

11. When you're getting ready to paint the town red:

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

Your songs have you warmed up and ready to drop some killer moves on the dance floor.

12. While you're driving cross-country:

lansingsbc (CC BY) / Via

And it doesn't matter if you have a friend in the car, because your music is all the entertainment you need.

13. With every accomplishment...

CBC Television / Via

14. ...and milestone you reach:

Buster Keaton / Via

Music is celebrating it with you! Woohoo!

15. And when you're unwinding from a long day:

Courtesy of Nickel Miqueli

Lean back and let those soothing melodies help you relax. It's been a long day.

Your life is never dull with Google Play Music.

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