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The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Shockingly Not Diverse, But An Initiative Is Trying To Change That

Google Play's Change The Game is helping female mobile gamers level up.

There are 2.5 billion people gaming worldwide.

And a lot of mobile gamers are women — 49% in fact.

Women even play mobile games more often than men:

But when asked, only 26% of US women self-identify as gamers.

This might be due to systematic gender bias in gaming.

To deal with this, half of all women report to actively hide their gender when gaming.

This is not shocking — because there is a wide gender imbalance in most aspects of the gaming industry.

These are actual drawings by teen girls of how they think professional video-game makers look. Eighth-graders think they look like women, but tenth- and eleventh-graders draw men.

But Google Play's Change the Game is trying to change that.

They're doing a ton for promoting diversity in gaming.

Last year, five lucky teens were selected to have their mobile games actually made!

And this year, they've selected five more lucky game creators.

The winning games this year range from single-player puzzle games to action-adventure games.

One of those action-adventure games is called Spectrum, and it looks super rad.

BuzzFeed's own Kelsey Impicciche even participated as a judge!

So stay tuned to hear more about our winners and their game development process!

And don't forget to play last year's games, available now on the Google Play Store.