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11 Ways To Turn A Summer BBQ Into A Summer DANCE BBQ

MAKE ROOM FOR A DANCE FLOOR. Brunches are for catching up with your best friend, but barbecues are for getting down with your bad self. Get the grill going and let the curated listening experiences at Google Play Music be your dancing guide.

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1. Limit seating options.

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Make it nearly impossible for your guests to take a seat. Don't worry — those who aren't feeling the groove will find a seat...INSIDE, WHERE THEY BELONG.

5. Reward dancing queens with prizes.

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Plan an epic dance-off for the end of the night and instill a healthy competitive spirit in your guests by promising prizes beyond their wildest dreams.

8. Appoint designated dancing fools.

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Like any good bat mitzvah, a good dance party comes complete with some crowd pepper-uppers. Strategically plant morale boosters and choreo masters throughout the crowd.

11. Appoint a DJ. Here are the requirements:

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1) They should either have very broad musical tastes or a particular affinity for a single genre.

2) They are not allowed to wear embarrassing sunglasses.

3) No fist-pumping.

4) They must audition for you with a five-minute set. (Trust us.)

Make the DJ's job easier with Google Play Music.

Find the perfect radio stations for your next outdoor extravaganza. Free music for everything you do! We suggest A Profoundly Funky Dance Party Radio.

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