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How To Build Your Workout Routine Around Your Favorite Music

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1. Start with your anthem.


This isn't any ol' song — this is your song! Choose one with uplifting lyrics and an energizing rhythm. It'll be the best way to kick-start your workout. Researchers believe songs that feature "affirmations of exercise or inspirational references drawn from popular culture" are particularly effective.

2. Do concert jumping jacks and skips.

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Pretend you’re at a concert and alternate between jumping jacks and lateral skips for an entire song! Follow the pace of the music — bounce with the bass and speed up with the tempo. Be sure to keep proper form to avoid injury.


At this point you’re sweating so much that you deserve to strike a pose. Strut in between songs to remind yourself how flawless you are.

5. Get low with some lunges.

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Throw on a seductive melody and drop into some lunges. Lunges are one of the most beneficial lower-body workouts. With the option of adding weights, get low and do lunges.

8. Push yourself UP!

Challenge yourself to do push-ups and burpees for an entire song. Start with regular push-ups during the first verse, take a break during the chorus, do burpees for the second verse, and T push-ups for the third. Pace them out — you got this!

11. Stretch it out.

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It’s time to center yourself. For at least three songs, take the time to stretch your entire body. This is very important; stretching keeps your body limber, which helps prevent future injury.

12. Power pose!

Reward yourself with a power pose! You just wrapped up a killer workout.

The above are just suggestions — make sure to continue each exercise for as long as you're comfortable, don't overexert yourself, and consult with a medical professional to discuss what physical activity is right for you!

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