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The 11 Types Of Halloween Costumes Everyone's Worn Once

It’s a sad fact: Halloween comes but once a year. Easily search, find, and share your most memorable All Hallows’ Eve moments with the magic of Google Photos.

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1. The One That Mom Made

Courtesy of Ashley Cook

You probably wore a turtleneck underneath that totally didn’t go with the thing, but it made for some classic childhood photos.

Hint: Try searching for Red, Cape, Child

2. The Last-minute Party Invite

Courtesy of Kimberly Fellman

Besides, it’s not what you’re wearing, it’s how you wear it!

Hint: Try searching for Umbrella in New York, Subway, Glasses

3. The Punny One

Courtesy of Julie Rosing

The year you decided to really flaunt your brains over your brawn. (And walked around saying “Do you get it? Boo-bees!” all night long.)

Hint: Try searching for Costume, Stripes, Yellow

6. The One You Bought at the Store

Courtesy of Melanie Dennig

Inspiration wasn’t hitting you…less than a week ‘til Halloween… Whatever.

Hint: Try searching for Bow Tie, Glasses

9. The Mistaken Identity

Courtesy of Eileen Connors

"No, no, the other iconic masked and striped vigilante! Wait, was the Hamburglar a vigilante?"

Hint: Try searching for Hat in Boston, Stripes, Mask, Tie

10. The Obscure Pop-culture Reference

Courtesy of Jason Sweeten

Downside: You’ll be explaining your costume to confused people for most of the night. Upside: The few people who do get it will definitely become your friends.

Hint: Try searching for Snakes in a Briefcase, Scream

Looking for that perfect Halloween throwback? Just search for what you remember about your favorite Halloween costume memories and let Google Photos do the rest. #EasyThrowback

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