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These Google Maps Hacks Will Change The Way You Travel

Whether you’re going on a road trip or just next door. #MapsRoadTrip

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1. If you’re in navigation, you’ll get live traffic updates and rerouted to a faster route.

2. Another travel hack: You can use Google Maps offline.

If you download the map beforehand, you can search for places, get directions and navigate when you have no bars and zero access to Wi-Fi.

3. You can add multiple destinations to your route and get directions between them.

Have to get from point A to point B but need to make stops at points C, D, and E first? With Google Maps, you can add multiple destinations to your journey and be able to efficiently navigate to and from each new stop.

4. You can search along your route for things like gas stations and restaurants.

Google Maps allows you to add pit stops along your way without having to exit your current navigation. And you can also see important information such as detour time added, gas prices, and ratings.

5. Explore local places for food and drinks near you.

Whether you’re on the road, visiting a new country/city, or staycationing, there are curated lists of recommendations for the best local places for any occasion, budget, time of date, and taste. You can also become a Local Guide by sharing your own ratings, reviews, and photos.

6. Use Street View so you know what your destination actually looks like.

Click on the thumbnail in the lower left corner to get a Street View of the area you’re going to.

7. Find out if driving, taking transit, walking, or biking will get you there faster.

Avoid traffic jams or train delays. You can easily get directions across different modes of transportation and compare ETAs on one screen.

8. You can navigate indoors, too.

Google Maps has indoor maps and floor plans of airports, malls, museums, and sports venues.

9. Did you know you can call a ride service directly from Google Maps?

You can also see an estimated arrival time and cost.

10. Never forget the places you visited on vacation.

Google Maps users with Location History enabled can open "Your Timeline," select a date from their recent vacation or everyday life, and add notes to help remember what they did that day or save important notes for later.

11. And avoid crowds at places by knowing when they're the busiest.

Avoid long lines at the store by checking out how busy it is before you leave. For many businesses — from restaurants to shops to museums — you can scroll down on the business information page to find the days a place is most popular and the busiest times on those days.

All illustrations by Marjan Farsad / © BuzzFeed. Videos courtesy of Google Maps.

Time to hit the road! Let Google Maps be the perfect travel companion for your next #MapsRoadTrip.

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