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18 Ridiculously Large Household Objects You Didn't Know You Could Drive To

Because you gotta pull over for the World's Tallest Thermometer. At least, that's what Eugene and Quinta did. Watch their #MapsRoadTrip teaser video here.

1. These colossal cowboy boots — San Antonio, Texas

2. This considerable clothespin — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. This forceful fork — Springfield, Missouri

4. This packed picnic basket — Newark, Ohio

5. This ridiculously large rocking chair — Cuba, Missouri

6. This kingly ketchup bottle — Collinsville, Illinois

7. This prodigious paper cup — Riverside, California

8. This gigantic garden gnome — Ames, Iowa

9. These daunting drawers — High Point, North Carolina

10. This formidable frying pan — Brandon, Iowa

11. This enormous easel — Goodland, Kansas

12. This big baseball bat — Louisville, Kentucky

13. This stately spoon and cherry — Minneapolis, Minnesota

14. This towering tire — Allen Park, Michigan

15. This ginormous grandfather clock — Kewaunee, Wisconsin

16. This breathtaking ball of twine — Cawker City, Kansas

17. This tall teapot — Chester, West Virginia

18. This really big rubber stamp — Cleveland, Ohio

See BuzzFeed's own Eugene and Quinta tour the World's Tallest Thermometer and find other cool stops on their Google Maps road trip from LA to Vegas! 🚗 🌵

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