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15 Ways Mobile Phones Have Changed Your Everyday Life

Technology's pretty mental when you think about it.

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1. They're making us into athletes.

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Yeah they are! There is a wealth of fitness apps now with all sorts of cool and nifty heart-rate data mumbo jumbo that you'd think should only be available to top athletes.

Now we're jumping on Strava, and we ALL feel like top athletes. It's pretty great.

2. Dating. ALL of the dating

BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

Let's be honest, smartphones have saved dating. Not just the apps, but there's all the different ways to communicate now... Like, emojis! Not to mention blogs, YouTube tutorial videos, profiles, matchmaking, location-based match-making...

Heck, it sounds like they've pretty much saved romance too!

3. Swiping has become part of human nature. / Via

Tiny children are going up to random, glass objects and trying to swipe them. This is how they expect to interact with the world around them.

It's also going to be super weird when they get to school and start swiping right on everything.

4. You don't even have to leave the sofa anymore to talk TV with the world.

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Ah, second-screening... Or, the ability to gather with a group of strangers on the web and share disbelief at the panellists on Question Time.

It gets even freakier when you're second-screening during Gogglebox. Time truly is a flat circle.

9. But regrettably, your attention span is less than a goldfish.


Yes, believe it or not, research shows the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 (when the mobile revolution began) to eight seconds in 2015.

A goldfish, meanwhile, clocks in at a healthy nine seconds.

10. We're super nosy.


Something tells us that the private investigations business has to work a lot harder for their money now that Shania can run a full background check on Dave, the 26-year-old accountant she met on the train the other day, before she's finished her commute to work.

11. Getting lost is much more difficult than it used to be.

Cultura RM/Bill Miles / Getty Images

Remember the days of printing out a map and then spending 10 minutes standing outside a train station trying to figure out which way you're facing? Yeah that sucked.

12. We're always contactable.

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Double-edged sword here. Sure, it's handy to know you're definitely being stood up. But not so cool when Martin at work is replying to emails at 11pm and making you look lazy.


13. Knowledge is power.

Aslaselects / Getty Images

On the face of it, our phones have made us infinitely smarter. We know where things are, we know what's happening around us, and we can pull up the most obscure facts in a couple of swipes.

(Obscure facts for that test you didn't study for.)

15. The remote is no longer king.

Allan Shoemake / Getty Images

Yes! Remember the days when the remote was like He-Man's Power Sword, giving you unimpeachable control over the channel hopping? No more!

Now it's all about whoever has the log in details for all the TV apps, which is exactly the type of living room meritocracy we've been waiting for.

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