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13 Signs You're A "Staying In" Kinda Person

It's cool. You're just "indoorsy".

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3. You're really selective about what you go to.

Home: free food, free alcohol, fast wifi, and warmth πŸ™Œ I'm not leaving my house unless there's free things.

Pretty much nothing can top your bed.

9. You and your friends have nailed the art of staying in.

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Sure, you could be out at a sweaty club, wearing an uncomfortable outfit and dancing to music you kinda hate with people you kinda hate. Or you could you be in your living room, with wine, your best friends, and your favourite TV show. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

11. A lot of the times you agree to actually venture outside of the house, it’s because there is food involved.

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And then you face the eternal struggle of trying to get out of post-dinner plans: "Oh sorry, I need to go home and feed my cat now."

12. You know that staying in is glam AF.


Staying in can mean dinner parties with fancy food and prosecco.

(Staying in can also mean house parties with bargain wine and everyone you know squashed into your living room. Whatever floats your boat.)

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