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    DIY Girls Birthday Party Ideas

    Every little girl dreams of princesses, kittens, mermaids, sparkles, ponies, candy, and pink EVERYTHING on their birthday. Here are a few creative DIY decor ideas for an unforgettable birthday party!

    Cupcake Decorating

    Jenloveskev / Via

    This is the perfect idea for a creative birthday party. Place undecorated cupcakes on an artist palette with assorted sprinkles so each child can decorate their own. They will be so excited to show off their creations and have fun eating them too!

    Ice Cream Balloons

    Classy Clutter / Via

    Similarly, you can do the same thing with ice cream. If that's too messy - these ice cream balloons are adorable.

    Glitter Party Cups + A "Mocktail"

    Nest of Posies / Via

    Instead of buying boring cups, try making these glitter party cups! All you need is plastic cups with a stem, glitter, glue, and a creative mind! For a pink drink, you can use pink lemonade. If you want to get creative, you can always make lavender lemonade for a purple tint!

    Barbie Photo Booth

    Smarty Pants Mama / Via

    I would have loved this one as a kid! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a Barbie photo booth.


    Glitter and Gloss / Via

    Just about every little girl LOVES playing dress up. What better way to play dress up than by creating your very own fashion show? Keep a variety of options "backstage" so the girls can change a few times.

    Magic Fairy Wands

    The Little Umbrella / Via

    Create simple undecorated fairy wands using white cardboard or posterboard along with some art supplies to decorate them. Markers, glitter, and gems make for a great magic fairy wand!

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