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What's The Deal With Audition Outfits On The Voice?

Has anyone else noticed something weird about what people wear when they audition?

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Yeah, I really like The Voice. I like to listen to talented, undiscovered people and I like to see what people all over the country are like. It's especially cool to see that pretty much everyone on the show has a true passion for music and refuses to give up on it.

But, what is the deal with the outfits they audition in?

First of all, the outfit really shouldn't matter - the judges decide to put them on the show before they even see them! That's like kind of the point...

But, once the judges have made that initial decision - the outfits start to matter. The judges will occasionally comment on an artist's style or hair color or whatever - and sometimes that's the deciding factor when an artist picks which team they want to be on.

But why is it that the female artists are always wearing dresses and tons of jewelry and make up while the men throw on some old white tee shirt and jeans and sneakers and are given just as much credit?

Now, let's be fair here - sometimes the guys will wear a cowboy hat if they're going for Blake or a leather jacket if they're performing a rock and roll song -

But, overall, the women always look like it's taken them at least 2 hours (plus a ton of money) to get ready to audition and the men look like they've just run straight to the stage from the shower.

I get that that may be "the look" that people are going for - but I bet that if a woman showed up in baggy jeans and a ripped tee shirt and no make up the judges might have something to say about it - although, maybe not Alicia.

Where do you think these women are getting their inspiration from?

If you really think about it - isn't this a trend with most famous musicians? Women are totally done up and fancy and men are just wearing some old sweater? Do we not see this even just with the judges on The Voice themselves?

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