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10 Dogs Getting Ready For Their Big Debut!

These doggies are making themselves look their best for the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show 2017!

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1. This Bull Terrier knows the first step in preparing for a dog show - a good wash!


2. Whether you do it by yourself like this Daschie...


3. ...or get a friend to help...


4. ...just be sure to dry off properly!


5. These dogs like to go go the whole hog with a salon appointment!


6. While others know they're already rocking a great look. A quick trim is all this distingushed Pomeranian needs!

7. Boston Terriers usually opt for formalwear for this kind of distinguished occasion!

8. While pugs are more flamboyant with their clothing choices!

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9. One thing's for sure - nothing prepares your dog better for the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show than a little TLC!


This Shiba feels a million dollars!

10. One last thing to do before this German Shepherd leaves the house, check teeth for bits of spinach!


Nope, all good!

Is your dog ready for his debut?! Join us and a whole bunch of beautiful pups at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on Jan 28-29 2017! Find out more here: