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11 Places To Go On Black Friday Instead Of The Mall

It’s. Not. Worth. It. Escape the Black Friday madness with a little help from Ford. Jump in your family car and spend the holidays making memories together instead of competing with mall shoppers for that last 2-for-1 special.

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2. Visit a firehouse.

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Many firehouses offer tours to the public. Phone friends and get a group together. It's the perfect place to spend a vacation day because they're open every day of the year. Call your local firehouse to get more information. And don't forget to bring some baked goods for the firefighters who keep you safe!

3. Or spend a day at the museum.

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Have you been putting off that trip to the local museum because of crowds? Well perhaps you should sneak in a trip while the public is walking the mall instead of the exhibits...

6. Or head out of town for a weekend away.

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Squeeze the most out of your Thanksgiving vacation and actually take a little vacation. After all, it's cabin season — the coziest time of the year. Don't miss cuddling opportunities!

7. Take a stylized family Xmas card photo.

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Nobody wants to see you guys in reindeer sweaters. Have some fun with it, and drive around to scout a cool location. Like this awesome family that's ready to restore law & order in the new year.

9. Get rolling to the skating rink.

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It's the perfect way to get active on a laid-back day — no matter what the weather outside is like. You can also try ice skating if you're in the proper climate or near an indoor skating rink.

Let's be real: You're not going to find parking at the mall. So you might as well drive your Ford to these places instead.