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10 Pieces Of Car Swag To Make Driving In The Winter Less Awful

Driving in the winter can be pretty bad. Luckily, there are some ways to deck out your car and make your next drive more bearable. Find out what you need in your car this holiday season — and let Ford make your #holidaze a little more magical.

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3. Furry Steering Wheel Cover

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A furry steering wheel cover is a fun way to make a statement any time of the year — but in winter, it also becomes a practical way to keep your hands warm and cozy.

6. Heated Travel Mug

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On the coldest mornings, a regular insulated mug isn't always enough. This heated mug plugs into your car's power outlet and keeps your coffee or tea nice and toasty.

7. Visor Organizer

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Keep your sunglasses, phone, and important documents out of sight but easily in reach while traveling. This chic organizer will make it easier than ever to keep your front seat neat and tidy.

8. Car Vacuum

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Car messes happen all year, but for some reason, winter car messes are always worse. This portable vacuum plugs into your car's power outlet — and it cleans up wet and dry messes.

Wherever the #holidaze take you this winter, Ford will get you there in style.

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