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10 Creepy Abandoned Service Stations Across The Country

Say creepy again. Creeeeeepy.

1. Pretty sure this vacated station in Cogar, Oklahoma is all out of snacks.

2. Good luck trying to pump gas in Desert Center, California.

3. R.I.P. to this lil guy found in the depths of Georgia's countryside.

4. Mother Nature took over this neglected stand in McLean, Texas.

5. Beware of nothingness off Route 66 in Peach Springs, Arizona.

6. Here's a ghost station found in the ghost town of Mogollon, New Mexico.

7. Nothing screams "abandoned" like this car wash on Torrance Blvd in Redondo Beach.

8. This freaky little tiki is still standing its ground in Kent, Oregon.

9. Wonder who dares to explore this eerie station off Route 1 in Waycross, Georgia?

10. Forgotten and forsaken gas station in Western Texas. Now home to goblins, ghouls, and ghosts, oh my!

Are you brave enough to enter a haunted car wash? Ford had some fun during Halloween this year.

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