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    Why I had to stop watching Chicago Med after Sarah Reese left

    Sarah Reese is a semi main character in the medical soap Chicago Med. We follow her from her ED residency into her match to pathology, and eventually her move into psychiatry with Dr.Charles. Her entire story centers around her blossoming career instead of focusing on her love life or other dramas which made her my personal favorite. Shortly before her exit her story begins to center on the return of her father who turns out to be a psychopath and a serial killer. This arguably makes her character more interesting, but we are never given the chance to watch her deal with the aftermath.

    Sarah Reese at Chicago Med

    When we are introduced to Reese she is a med student fulfilling her required Emergency Department cycle. While initially Reese is unhappy with having to work in the ED she eventually grows to love emergency medicine and begins to see the ED as home. We watch her learn to become a better doctor through the trials and tribulations the emergency department offers.

    Robert Haywood