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    How Britney Spears film Crossroads predicted her future

    Back in 2002 Britney Spears released her first movie in which she starred as the lead. Britney's work, her discography, music videos, and even interviews are often prophetic. An example of this eerie phenomenon is Britney's music video Everytime. Everytime was released in 2003, and the music video showed Spears being wheeled out into an ambulance while the paparazzi shamefully swarmed it. This exact scene would come to pass in reality during Britneys tumultuous year of 2007. Crossroads is the most recent of Britney's work to showcase a nod to her future.


    Britney Spears performs in her film Crossroads


    Zoe Saldana wears a shirt with a lion on it as Kit in Crossroads


    Taryn Manning playing Mimi in Crossroads


    Britney Spears, Taryn Manning, and Zoe Saldana in Crossroads