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12 Dos And Don'ts Of PDA All Couples Need To Hear

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1. Addressing each other:

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Do: Refer to your significant other by their nickname, occasionally.

Don’t: Speak in a baby voice. You're not a baby.

2. Kissing: / Via

Do: Make it a peck or a sweet kiss.

Don't: Make out. We didn't ask for that.

3. Getting around:

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Do: Hold hands on your walk, drive, flight, or during your commute.

Don’t: Just stand around gazing at each other while other people are trying to go about their business.

4. Touching: / Via

Do: Feel comfortable with light contact. A hand on the lower back is fine.

Don’t: Put your hand in your partner's back pocket. Come on.

5. Cuddling:

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Do: Cuddle during a picnic or on the grass at the park.

Don't: Get down and dirty under the picnic blanket. No, no.

6. Getting groceries:

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Do: Make puns in line. Saying “olive juice” while holding a jar of olives is 👌.

Don't: Pour olive juice all over each other. Don't grope. Things like this are not 👌.

7. Around family:

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Do: Be sweet and thoughtful.

Don't: Make inappropriate jokes at the dinner table.

8. Social media:


Do: Post a cutesy pic every now and then. Give the people what they want.

Don't: Have every. single. photo be a kissy pic with a grand declaration of love. The people — they do not want that.

9. Dining out:

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Do: Hold hands across the table at a restaurant.

Don't: Swap food between your mouths. Please.

10. At the bar:


Do: Give each other cute, loving looks from across the bar while one of you is ordering. It's adorable.

Don't: Cop a feel at the bar. Tsk tsk.

11. With friends: / Via

Do: Be open and warm, and include other people in your conversations.

Don't: Riddle those conversations with so many inside jokes that no one has any idea what you could possibly be talking about.

12. Concerts:

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Do: Have a great time dancing and singing with each other.

Don't: Dance so close it's like you're back in middle school. You're an adult!

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