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10 Cities With The Worst Traffic In The World

Most people in the world get up in the morning and traveled to the Office each day. Certainly, the road crashes will inhibit a person's productivity. Even the Jakarta and Surabaya goes into the position of the most jammed in the world. Some places have a wide access road but still, cannot accommodate a large number of cars and public transport. The streets are jammed into one of fear of traffic for some communities. Alerts you of, Wednesday (23/3/2016), here are 10 places with the worst traffic problems in the world:

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10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the best places to shop because the course is flooded with fashion kiosks and shoe stores. Unfortunately, the place has a problem most severe traffic throughout Argentina. Traffic accidents are also very common there.

According to a report of the 2014 safety Street in Buenos Aires, traffic laws do not routinely follow in that area. Most of the two opposing lanes do not have to divide.

9. Guadalajara, Mexico

The charming culture and colorful from Guadalajara is one of the pride of the country. However, the city has a traffic index from 169.76 and traffic 167.19 Index Inefficiency.

Because of the traffic in the area, the annual CO2 produced to around 2, 087.89 kilograms. As much as it takes trees 24.34 per vehicle to produce oxygen for the sake of covering CO2 emissions.

The car that became the most common form of transportation in the area also became the cause of traffic problems.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Another shopping center frequented by tourists from all over the world are Bangkok, Thailand. This area is also the place with the worst traffic in the world. The country is preserving the heritage of Asia without sacrificing economic growth and progress.

It thus makes Bangkok became one of the cities in the world with bad traffic. The increase in the number of vehicles on the streets of Bangkok also because government policy regarding restitution of tax for first-time car buyers in 2012. This city now found 5 million vehicles each day with traffic capacity of two million.

7. Rome, Italy

Rome is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Tourists have always flooded the streets are busy every day. Rome also became the heart of the Catholic Church, so that it becomes the destination for Catholics.

However, Roma has an unpleasant side. According to the 2008 report, Rome is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous problem of traffic accidents.

Rome's main sources of congestion are the motorcycle that roams the city. Traffic accident itself is due to carelessness of the driver, road signs of disobedience and violation of traffic rules.

Back in 2006, occur collisions, 21,000 at least 28,000 people hurt and 230 died of a single accident. A speeding motorist in the halls of the Road hit a pedestrian.

6. Moscow, Russia

Russia may be best known as the owner of an impressive weaponry. But the country is also known as one of the worst places on the traffic. Car usage also became the Moscow traffic dilemma today.

Even the city's traffic is rated as one of the worst in 2013. Prolonged traffic happened twice that year. Even 2012 being the Summit. Congestion Index shows, regular trips require an additional time of 66% of the normal time. Snow also became the cause of the occurrence of such situations.

5. St. Petersburg, Russia

Though St. Petersburg is one of Russia's most beautiful city, unfortunately, traffic problems reducing its appeal.

Even in 2012, St. Petersburg ever causing congestion for three days due to the biggest snow storms first during that year. Of the 400-mile stretch of the road to Moscow and St Petersburg left the 100-mile traffic jams for three days.

On the other hand, peak hours also made the trip twice as long. The authorities, on the other hand, manage traffic by encouraging passengers to use public transport. They are also putting up illegal parking to reduce the problem.

4. Surabaya, Indonesia

According to the latest survey conducted by Castrol, Shanghai ranked four among the cities with the highest number that has the problem of traffic congestion.

The number of traffic congestion has reached 29,880 cars stop and go forward a year, showing how bad the traffic in the city. Most public transport in the country of Indonesia consists of minibuses and minivan is recklessly quit in the middle of the road to wait and lose passengers.

East Java is the second largest city in Indonesia with more than 3 million people crowded the traffic. Surabaya is also a Center for business, industry and education in Eastern Indonesia that allows a large number of pedestrians traveling along the road every day.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

With 20 million people and 4 million cars around, obviously, this makes the streets of Mexico City became traffic problems. The town also includes the largest metropolitan area in the Western hemisphere.

So the city a place for Commerce, industry, and education. The city has the largest transportation services in Latin America. Recently, Mexico Plan opens a railway transport system first.

With it will hopefully reduce the traffic situation in the area. The transport links will connect Brownsville Texas and Matamoros.

This step will be a preliminary step for the repair of the public transportation system in Mexico as a whole. If not, the rising number of private cars in the city will continue to cripple progress in the area.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

One of the problems of traffic in Istanbul, Turkey is the private car crowded main streets or highways. At least 100,000 vehicle continues to grow until the numbers worsened the traffic situation at the moment.

The construction of the Big Istanbul Tunnel is believed to be the solution to the traffic problems in the city.

According to the study, the best thing from the Big Istanbul Tunnel is, he can contribute to improving the traffic situation, giving a different route for travelers across urban areas.

If the new highway will connect with the existing rail system in big cities, the percentage of commuters in areas to be transferred to a new route to reduce traffic on the main street of Istanbul.

1. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the first city in the world that has the worst traffic problems. Thirty million inhabitants were enough to suffer because daily traffic happening every day.

The problem that happened in Jakarta is the Government still failed in controlling population growth. With local infrastructure and public utility systems are still underdeveloped, sustainable growth of the country's dilemma to carry.

About 1,000 cars will flock to the street each morning and still no solution for it. Many who are convinced that large mass transportation system can solve or at least alleviate the current traffic situation.

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