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6 Ways To Beat Finals Stress, The GMercyU Way!

Does the thought of finals got you down? Well, here are six ways that you can beat the finals blues, the GMercyU way!

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2. Get a Massage!

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to get a massage! There are many massage parlors around our campus, but one of the best is Massage Envy in Airport Square by Best Buy. They have a great deal where you get your first 1-hour session for $49.99!

3. Study, Study, Study!`

While studying may seem stressful, if you start to study now you will be giving yourself more time to learn the material. Spreading out what you have to study will allow you the time to rest and be clear headed for your exam!

4. TREAT YO' some food!

There are some great restaurants and diners around our campus. We are fortunate enough to have restaurants like Applebees, TGI Fridays, Wawa, and American Star Diner. The list is endless! Take some time away from your work and go out with some friends to get some great food!

5. Go Out With Some Friends!

Spending time with friends is something that will relieve your finals stress almost immediately! Go to the park, exercise together, make time to go to dinner, whatever you want to do! There is nothing like just being with your friends!


We all love our sleep, however, during finals week it feels like "sleep" is all but a myth. Be sure to make time for some rest! It's only going to benefit you in the end! You may want to pull an all nighter to cram for that 8:00am test, but trust me, you'll do better on that test if you get a proper nights sleep!

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