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5 Ways To Prepare For The Spring Semester, GMercyU Style!

Yes, we know winter break just started, but we wanted to set you up for success for next semester! Happy Holidays Griffins!

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2. Put a schedule together!

Start planning early! Put together your schedule before the semester starts. This will help you start the Spring Semester out on the right foot. Set aside time for work, studying, homework, sports, time for yourself, etc!

4. Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Find a job over winter break, or pick up extra shifts at your current job. Make some extra money so you can focus on your studies for next semester and not where your next paycheck will come from. Make some extra money for books, school supplies, and all that cool new GMercyU gear!

5. Finally, spend time with family and friends!

Spend time with those people that are important in your life! Make time for those friends and family members that you haven't see in awhile. Sometimes family and friends are all you need to recharge your batteries and come back to campus as confident as ever to kill the Spring Semester!

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