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12 Times DavidsTea Proved They Are Better Than Teavana

Both DavidsTea and Teavana specialize in loose leaf tea and hard goods (mugs, infusers, teapots, etc.) But we all know DavidsTea is way better than Teavana and here is why.

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1. DavidsTea has over 500 teas!

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DavidsTea keeps around 150 teas at any given time on the shelfs of their stores. Teavana only has around 100 but many of the teas are mixed together to make varieties. DavidsTea does NOT mix their teas, they have their own team that creates each tea.

3. DavidsTea is NOT owned by Starbucks like Teavana.

Teavana was acquired by Starbucks in 2012 since happening their teas have become more expensive and people are turned off by their aggressive sales tactics. Not to mention some people just don’t like Starbucks as a brand.

4. DavidsTea is more affordable!

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DavidsTea has cheaper tea then Teavana. Their price range is between $4.49 -$6.49 on average for an ounce. Teavana’s average price for tea is double if not more. You can also buy online at and get free shipment if you spend $50. Plus you get 3 FREE samples in your shipment no matter how much you spend online!

6. Sniffer Lids!!


DavidsTea has sniffer lids, which allows customers to smell the tea before purchasing. Sniffer lids are the lids of the large tins they store their tea in on the shelves. The cool part? The lid opens partly and you can see, touch, and smell the tea. Plus since it's the lid it doesn't contaminate the rest of the tea.

7. DavidTea's employees are friendlier!

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The employees at DavidsTea love to talk about their tea knowledge with you and don’t make you feel like a burden. They will inform you about promotions going on and are willing and happy to answer any questions that you may have.

8. Free tea coupons ... say what?!?!

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Unlike Teavana, DavidsTea hands out Free Tea Coupons as a way of marketing. Win Win! Free cup of tea plus free marketing. Plus the new Free Tea Coupons offer 10% your entire purchase.

9. Their Frequent Steeper Card is awesome.

DavidsTea has a Frequent Steeper Program, customers can sign up and earn 1 point for every $1 they spend. Once they earn 100 points they earn a FREE 2oz bag of tea. Plus you get a free tea for signing up and another one for your birthday.

12. DavidsTea is partners with ME to WE.

DavidsTea partnered with the Me to We Foundation to provide free drinking water to families in Kenya. To date they have provided over 23,000 people with free clean drinking water through products like their ME to We loose leaf tea, travel mugs, and rafikies.

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