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9 Fab Glossier Gifts You'll Want For Everyone On Your List

‘Tis the season for Balm Dotcom Roulette and more goods they’ll swoon over.

The holidays are the perfect time to level up your gifting game. Whether you're looking to give cozy loungewear, soothing skincare sets, or pretty makeup, Glossier has you covered. From a limited edition holiday collection to fan-favorite sets, these beauty gifts will delight everyone on your list.

Just a note, select 2020 Holiday Collection items, including the Gold Set, Gold Lip Gloss, G Pal Sweatshirt, and Balm Dotcom Roulette are limited edition gifts and sold while supplies last.

1. The Limited Edition Gold Kit gets them in the holiday spirit with a shimmery Glossier G necklace they can layer with other jewelry *and* the Gold Lip Gloss that's like tinsel for their lips. You can't go wrong with this seasonal kit that'll make their day.

2. The Boy Brow + Generation G Duo is perfect for anyone who needs to refresh their look throughout the day. It includes a Boy Brow, which quickly grooms and shapes eyebrows, and a Generation G lipstick that provides a just-blotted finish.

3. Balm Dotcom Roulette takes gifting to the next level with a surprise trio of lip balms. They'll open this mysterious ~deck~ and find three surprise flavors inside, handpicked by Glossier. This gold-embossed deck also doubles up as a cute stocking stuffer!

Gold and white Balm Dotcom Roulette gift box next to assorted Balm Dotcom tubes

4. Glossier You will be their go-to perfume for the holidays and beyond. Its creamy base notes (ambrox, ambrette, and musk) provide a different scent on everyone, as it adapts to your unique skin chemistry. Topping it off are green iris root and sparkling pink pepper for a fresh, not-overpowering scent. This personalized fragrance can easily fit in a small box or stocking for easy gifting.

Pink and red Glossier You perfume bottle

5. The Dewy Look gives them a gorgeous, dewy complexion, thanks to an amazing trio featuring Futuredew, Glossier's glassy Lip Gloss, and Cloud Paint gel-cream blush. They'll be ~glowing~ when they receive this makeup and skincare set for the holidays.

The Dewy Look trio set with a bottle of Futuredew, a clear container of Lip Gloss, and a pink and white container of Beam Cloud Paint

6. The Skincare Edit is a great intro to Glossier's skincare lineup. Try six miniature sizes of Glossier's skincare bestsellers, including the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Futuredew oil-serum hybrid, before buying full-size bottles of each. You can give a mini skincare regimen that'll help them achieve fresh, moisturized, dewy skin.

The Skincare Edit set in a recyclable molded paper case filled with mini Glossier skincare bestsellers

7. Glossier's Original Pink Hoodie feels like a soft cloud and adds a pop of color to any loungewear outfit. When they're in the mood to chill, this comfy number will give them a little warmth *and* pair perfectly with joggers or sweatpants.

Model wears pink Glossier hoodie with white Glossier logo on the front

8. The Nightstand Duo will be ~within reach~ whenever they need to moisturize their hands or lips. They can keep this handy set, which comes with a fast-absorbing Hand Cream and ultra-moisturizing Balm Dotcom, near their bed, desk, or dresser for instant hydration.

The Nightstand Duo with a pink Hand Cream container and a pink and white tub of Glossier Balm Dotcom

9. The Eye Trio includes everything they need to take their eyes and lashes ~to new heights~. Glossier's Pro Tip liquid eyeliner gives precise application, the Lash Slick mascara curls and sculpts lashes as it lengthens, and the Milky Oil gentle makeup remover takes it all off. Cat eyes and defined lashes will get them excited for the season (and basically any other time they want to add a little drama and definition to their eyes).

Pink container of liquid eyeliner, pink container of mascara container, and clear container of waterproof makeup remover

Peep more goods at The Glossier Gift Shop and check out the rest of their popular makeup, skincare, and merch!

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