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Try Out These Food And Drinks In Peru

If you want to try out one of the best cuisines in South America, Peru is the place to be. From the coast, to the jungle and through the Andes, Peru offers very unique and diverse meals.

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1. Ceviche


Ceviche is one of the most popular dishes on the Peruvian coast ; made of raw fish marinated in lemon juice. It's served with sweet potatoes and corn and is usually eaten for lunch. You can find it at many places with different standards; from local market places to high-end restaurants.

2. Picarones

This is perfect for an afternoon snack or to end your dinner with a sweet touch. They look like beignets but are made with squash and sweet potatoes. The best way to eat picarones is to dip them in honey syrup. Riquisimo!

3. Alpaca

We usually know alpaca for it's quality wool. But in the Andean mountains of Peru, Alpaca is also served on our plates. Alpaca meat is very tender, low-fat and high in protein. Definitely a must try for all the meat lovers!

4. Pisco Sour

Mix in some lime juice, egg white, Pisco, syrup and few drops of bitters and you get the national drink of Peru : Pisco Sour. A nice place to try it is in the historic bar of Grand Hotel Bolivar in Lima, where they offer Catedral glasses (twice bigger than the usual glass).

5. Granadilla

You will find a wide variety of exotic fruits you have probably never heard of in Peru. Among them is granadilla, my personal favorite. It is very easy to eat: break the shell in two and swallow the seeds inside. Nice fruit to eat on your way to Machu Picchu for a boost of vitamins.

7. Cuy (Guinea Pig)

If you are ready to try all Peruvian specialities and are more courageous than me, you should try out Guinea Pig. They serve it with the full body, head included. So it might not look very appealing at a first glance, but it is supposedly very tasty. So don't judge its appearance and go for it!

8. Papa a la Huancaína

Almost every meal you get in Peru comes with potatoes. Quite understandable when you hear that there are more than 4000 varieties of potatoes growing in the Andean highlands. One of the most famous meals with potatoes is the Papa a la Huancaína; boiled potatoes covered with a spicy and cheesy sauce, accompanied with boiled eggs and olives.

10. Suspiro a la Limena

If your taste for sweetness does not have limits, this one is for you. The bottom layer is made with Manjar Blanco, the Peruvian name for dulce de leche and the top layer with meringue. So forget about calories and try out this delicious desert!

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