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African American Enviro Whistleblower To Release Info On 08/1/17

African American Environmental Whistleblower to Release Info on Severely Toxic Chemical Gas Manufacturer August 1, 2017. Why this should interest you…Learn how this company, headquartered in Texas, has been flying under the regulatory radar by claiming standard exemptions for which it is not eligible. You be the judge whether the supervisor-employee discussions you will hear are appropriate in a 21st century workplace. Understand why the Company President stated “One incident could bring this whole company down”. See for yourself how the former boss certified compliance with permit despite having knowledge to the contrary Examine some of the mor-ethical dilemmas faced by this Whistleblower (pregnant Sally, facilities located in low income neighborhoods; proximity of manufacturing facilities to colleges, senior citizen homes, and undocumented hourly labor force working in chemical exposure area) Also learn how companies are inserting arbitration clauses into employment agreements in order to circumvent public civil hearings on whistleblower and other employment related claims.

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Preview: Boss-Whistleblower Conversation

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