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    15 Very Good Service Animals Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Feel Full

    Service animals, and the humans they help, come in many shapes and sizes.

    1. This very good pony, who helps their human with a nerve disorder:

    2. Moxie the Hockey Puppy, who helps her veteran pal kick butt at hockey:

    3. This peach princess, who makes little ones in the hospital smile:

    4. In addition to many other skills, this sassy bean will make you laugh!

    5. This unlikely little sprout:

    6. Sammie, who helps their human navigate through the world:

    7. This sweet fluff muffin who supports their Mom:

    8. This stylish beauty who supports folks with autism:

    9. This little angel who is in training:

    10. This gorgeous girl on all the adventures with her Mom:

    11. This group of very good friends who are about to come the best service companions ever:

    12. Honey, the miniature service horse, living that beach life:

    13. This cutie who might be small, but can hold anyone up when they're feeling down:

    14. This handsome dude who stands tall and proud in his service.

    15. And this buddy who might be dressed as the *underdog*, but is really the *top dog* of service companions: