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    29 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Eat Eggs Around The World

    Put an egg on everything, everywhere.

    1. Perfect Scrambled Eggs (The Universe)

    2. Eggs Benedict With Red Wine (U.S.)

    3. Chawanmushi (Japan)

    4. Wiener Schnitzel With Eggs and Anchovies (Germany)

    5. Bacon & Egg Pie (New Zealand)

    6. Scotch Eggs (The U.K.)

    7. Hangtown Fry (U.S.)

    8. Eggs and Mushrooms Baked in Cream (France)

    9. Eggs and Scallions With Toasted Cassava Flour (Brazil)

    10. Khachapuri (Georgia)

    11. Stir-Fried Tomato and Eggs (China)

    12. Scrambled Eggs With Bread and Sausage (Spain)

    13. Neapolitan Pizza Chiena (Italy)

    14. Spinach and Soy Bean Egg Drop Soup (China)

    15. Coffee, Egg, and Condensed Milk Custard (Indonesia)

    16. Egg, Feta, and Herb Tart (Greece)

    17. Kookoo Sabzi (Iran)

    18. Egg and Cheese Flatbreads (Oman)

    19. Parsi-Style Scrambled Eggs (India)

    20. Egg-Stuffed Corn Cakes (Colombia)

    21. Marbleized Egg Biscuit Sandwiches With Pancetta, Collard Greens, and Espresso Aioli (U.S.)

    22. Poached Eggs in Yogurt (Turkey)

    23. Frisée, Poached Egg, and Bacon Salad (France)

    24. Bruléed Sweet Scrambled Egg Custard (Portugal)

    25. Eastertide Tart (Italy)

    26. Potato, Spinach, and Red Pepper Frittata (Ireland)

    27. Garlic Fried Rice With Vinegar Sauce (Philippines)

    28. Fried Hard-Boiled Eggs With Oven-Dried Tomatoes (India)

    29. Tomato Soup With Poached Eggs (Portugal)

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