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Things To Consider Before Starting A Business In Dominica

As per the statistics, 3/4th of the startups fail within first 3 years. This time span is very crucial for any business to survive that can also be called as teething period. Since you have applied for the Dominica passport and willing to settle there for the rest of your life, it's imperative to plan something that turns up lucrative in the long term. What's better than starting your own business as it can give you a great financial freedom, if ran successfully. There are actually few things that you must consider before heading on to start a new business.

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Sole Trader or Limited Company

It’s all about what you choose to be because then you will then get to bear the liabilities and enjoy the benefits accordingly. This particular decision will actually impact on the tax that your company would be supposed to pay and it will also determine that how much of the financial and legal responsibilities you are answerable about. With the Dominica passport, you have the similar rights just like the locals there but you have few responsibilities towards the state as well. If you are a sole trader, you can simply take all the profit that's huge for sure. Alongside, you are also liable for the financial dealings of your business.

What’s your Target Audience?

Defining the relevant audience with the help of thorough segmentation is one of the major keys toward the business success. While planning your business, a considerable fraction of your time should be dedicated to focusing upon your target audience. At almost every stage, from the business website development to the marketing campaign, you would require to have a glance over the segmentation chart. It's imperative to determine that you are targeting the right people and the best way to do is by simply spreading out the questionnaire and interacting on social media.

Check out Your Competition

Once you obtain the Dominica passport, you are the permanent legal citizen of this country. Having said, you can start almost any business you choose but whatever you choose would most probably not entirely new thing to the world. It would either be some product or the service that already many other providers are offering there. In order to succeed in that marketplace, you are supposed to recognize your competition. For sure, competing with the leading provider might not be that easy but you can head on choosing the alternatives in terms of services.

For instance; just pick the leading provider in the current market serving the same industry that you intend to. Then just figure out that which of their specifications are not as perfect as should have been. If you successfully recognize that loophole, you can easily grab that share for your business.

Moreover, your brand has more than enough chances to occupy the industry if the market is fragmented. In case of fragmentation, mostly the leading brands get affected and that becomes the great chance for competitors to take the seat. So why not be the one and enjoy the benefits.


Planning to start a business in Dominica? There are few things to consider. Just check out the article now.

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