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Silk Ties: How To Clean/wash Them Efficiently?

Almost all professional men use ties daily to elevate their look in order to add the right touch of politeness and professionalism at their workplace. Though an untidy tie will totally damage your look no matter how formally you dress up. When it comes to taking care of these trendy pieces of accessories, you can’t wash them with other regular clothes if they are made up of delicate fabric such as silk. Silk is sensitive to most of the detergents, bleach, and hot waters. In fact, ties are not meant to rinse or dry-clean frequently, unless they get stained with ink, grease or ketchup. To enjoy the same formal look every time you wear your favorite silk tie, all you can do is to keep it tidy and protect exposure to any kind of spots.

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Here I am discussing few simple cleaning tips and how to wash silk ties safely without destroying their shape, luster, and texture.

• Stay away from water; you might be feeling doubtful as you know the efficiency of water to remove dirt, grime, and soap. In the case of silk, water causes aggravation of substance deep in the threads. For instance, hot water can even ripple the fabric, which eventually damages the color and pattern as well.

• Try to treat stains as soon as they occur. Address it right on the spot, even if you have nothing you may easily find a paper towel or toilet tissue. Blot the mark immediately without a delay to remove the substance as much as you can.

How to clean the stain from silk?

Although dabbing with paper removes excess of substance from the surface, still you can’t wait for the next day to treat further. Don’t worry method is quite simple. It doesn’t require a long list of products. Rather, it demands some patience. Lay down the tie on a tidy flat surface, take a half cup of rubbing alcohol and dip in a small washcloth and squeeze it so it doesn’t drip. Now dab this wet piece of cloth over the dyed area. Keep doing it unless blemish is leaving the place. Scrub slightly if required. Once the spot is disappeared, dry it immediately with a hair dryer to avoid ring formation. You can also use club soda or commercial solutions available for silk fabric. Irrespective of the type of cleaner you are using, don’t forget to test it on the back side to make sure it is not damaging the fabric colour and texture.

How to remove stubborn stains?

Grease and oils are always tough to remove from all kinds of fabric. Fortunately, they can be removed completely if you follow the right protocol. In order to remove them from your favourite silk tie follow the simple procedure. Simply lay it on a tidy flat surface and cover the stain with a thin layer of Borax, cornstarch or talcum powder. Let the powder stay for several hours so that it absorb the grease completely. Wipe off the tie with a towel. Show some patience as you may need to repeat this procedure several times to completely wipe off the stain.


As silk Neckwear is a delicate and sophisticated accessory in men’s wardrobes, it needs gentle care to maintain its texture, shine and colour.

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