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24 Things About Fall That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Nothing beats the sights and smells of fall. Get ready for some of the #bestfeelings of the season.

1. The word "autumn" is clearly the most elegant way to describe a season. It even sounds beautiful.

2. One word: COLOR. It makes every lake look like an oil painting.

dfbphotos / Via Flickr: dfb_photos

3. The food is supremely comforting. Like, for example, this butternut squash casserole.

Jennifer / Via Flickr: sweetonveg

4. Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING.

5. The smell of a fresh bowl of candy corn. It's a mixture of cake and happiness.

Juushika Redgrave / Via Flickr: juushika

6. Salted caramel is IN SEASON.

Lee McCoy / Via Flickr: chocolatereviews

7. And caramel apples. Can't forget those.

nerissa's ring / Via Flickr: 21524179@N08

8. There's something about the way rain smells in fall that is just better than spring or summer.

9. And cold drizzles mean it's finally time to break out all those comfy knit sweaters you've been missing.

10. The colors of autumn make everything look stunning, especially if it's old and worn.

11. And there's nothing like the smell of crisp air on the open road.

Ryk Neethling / Via Flickr: rykneethling

12. Come on. Look at this mountain of color!

13. The first sip of a steamy beverage on a brisk day. Think about it. Savor it in your brain.

14. The smell of steamed milk mixing with cinnamon in your favorite mug. Heaven.

15. And the mother of all autumn smells: the pumpkin spice latte.

Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnon / Via Flickr: ashleymackinnon

Look at that majesty.

16. And Halloween means pumpkins with spooky faces carved into them, glowing everywhere.

hanna horwarth / Via Flickr: hanna_horwarth

17. The grin on your puppy's face when they see the leaves falling around them.

Amanda Bowman / Via Flickr: amandasphotographs

18. The crunch of leaves underfoot can be experienced just about everywhere.

19. And the smell of freshly made s'mores is just better in the fall.

20. How about the first few bites of a juicy apple you LITERALLY just picked yourself?

Matthew Oliphant / Via Flickr: fajalar

21. Plus it's the only time of year when riding around in a bunch of hay is socially acceptable.

Darin Barry / Via Flickr: darynbarry

22. Orange hues at sunset. No other season is delivering this brilliant shade.

23. The smell of simmering broth after a long afternoon in the chilly autumn air.

24. And at the end of the day, the crackle of a roaring fire.


Fall is the REAL season to be jolly.