16 Uplifting Animal Helpers To Renew Your Spirit

It’s good to know your pet is there for you when you need them most. Get refreshed by these animals helping you take care of business. #bestfeelings.

1. This cat who helps you keep your New Year’s resolution.

2. This dog who encourages you to tackle the laundry.

3. Or this dog.

Richard Austin / REX USA

4. This cat who encourages you to do the floors more often.

5. This cat who knows you can’t stare at that screen for too long.

6. This dog who helps you nail that drum solo.

7. This dog who will totally help you figure out what’s clogging the sink.

Dod Miller / Getty Images

8. This dog who will totally help with the hydrangea.

Tracy Morgan / Getty Images

9. This dog who helps you keep your balance.

10. This dog who just wants you to feel better about your day.

11. This dog who just wants to help you deal with the winter.

12. This dog who wants to keep dat lawn lookin’ fresh.

C Fore / Getty Images

13. This cat who just wants to give you props on your serve.

14. This dog who will take the baby on a walk for you.

Fox Photos / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

15. This dog who takes the other dog on a walk for you.

16. And this dog, who has TOTALLY got your back on that play. And in life.

It’s your best friend, serving up some #bestfeelings.

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