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6 Unusually Cool Apps To Download Before You Board That Plane For Vacation

Sure, traveling is the richest experience one can get, but it brings a variety of issues too. Thankfully, most of these problems can be effortlessly mitigated with the advanced apps for your smartphone.

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From finding the inexpensive and frequent flights to pretty much any part of the world, mobile apps have made it easier to traverse the globe. However, that doesn’t mean the actual part of traveling – making a journey – is easy. To keep your whole experience of traveling trouble-free, we have compiled a list of unusually cool travel apps. The list includes different applications that cover various aspects of travel, from where you can go to locating your mates, booking accommodations to translating foreign signs and more. So, before you squeeze into your travel gear and pack those bags, make sure you have got these mobile apps downloaded.



Based on your budget, this application shows you where you can go. Type in how much you are willing to spend and the smart app will show you places where you can head out and explore. Remember, the results (flights and accommodations) will be based on your budget. The only problem with the site is it only shows prices for hotels when you look for accommodations. Unlike Airbnb, it doesn’t show you prices for both hostels and hotels. But if you long for a more luxurious getaway or your credit card rewards you for staying at hotels, then Wherefor is what you need.

2.Healix Travel Vaccination


Healix Travel Vaccination is a very useful app. It tells you which vaccinations you need for a particular country or trip. Just select one or more countries and it will guide you through the process by giving you the answers. Typically, the app asks two questions when you select a country and your answers allow it to compile a list of all the immunizations and vaccinations you require for a trip. So, where are you heading these winter holidays?

3.Mobile Passport


The immigration and customs lines at airports have one thing in common. You are standing in line from minutes to hours to have a face-to-face transaction that lasts no more than a few minutes. The rest of the time is totally futile. Fortunately, Mobile Passport app has resolved this issue. The app allows users to skip the customs and immigration line at certain airports in the United States. Both Canadian and U.S. citizens with passports or B1 or B2 visa can use the app. It creates a time-sensitive QR code which is scanned by the authorities upon admission. Currently, this application can be used in ORD, SFO, SEA, MIA, ATL, and FLL airports with more to come.


Vacation is the time when you go to beaches, mountains or visit theme parks with friends. But how can you keep track of a large group of travelers without a flurry of phone calls and text messages? Who is already on the shore? Are kids at the pool? With cell phone tracking apps like xnspy, it’s easier than ever to track someone’s location. You can locate your mates or kids on a map without ever texting or calling. Of course, there are other ways to trace your fellow commuters but the app for cell phone tracking gives you the most bang for your buck. It offers location history and sends out an instant alert if the broods venture beyond a designated zone.

5.Word Lens


Word Lens is another cool app that translates foreign signs with the camera on your handset. It’s no different than an x-ray vision, but rather seeing through something, users will see another version. To get accurate results, you will need deep pockets and a steady hand. Because shaky camera work is not going to give you accurate translation results. And each language pack will cost you about $9.30. Sure that’s a lot, but it’s important to avoid getting lost in the translation.



The SitOrSquat app lets you find a restroom on the go. So the next time you will have a dodgy taco in a foreign city, finding a toilet won’t be a problem, even if you can’t remember the appropriate phrase in the native language. The bathroom finder app contains the data of over 100,000 toilets across the world and its growing every day. All you have to do is search by city, postcode, or simply use the geolocation feature to get the list of nearest restrooms. The best part is each bathroom comes with a rating for cleanliness, which signifies whether it’s a sitter or a squatter. Additionally, it bears a note if the restroom is closed or out of order.

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