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    Fan Favorite Doctors That Became Social Media Influencers

    Mehmet Oz, Hunter Finn, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow are four famous doctors who have increased their fame and notoriety by using social media.

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    No longer is the word “influencer” limited to travel bloggers and Instagram models. Professionals such as doctors and veterinarians have also begun to use the platforms to not only increase their patient base, but also their notoriety. In the past five years, the use of social media has skyrocketed, with the average user now spending forty minutes - and forty percent - longer each day on social platforms compared to this time in 2014. That’s why it makes sense that so many people have taken to the various platforms to market themselves and their businesses. The rise of the “micro-influencer” has become so big that millions of users worldwide are now paid to spread awareness of various products and advertise for companies through pictures and videos on their pages. Because of this, having a social media profile has become just as important as having a website if you’re a business owner. Physicians are just one group of professionals who have jumped on the social media bandwagon and begun to use the apps to promote their business and gain a loyal fanbase.

    The increase of use of social media has heightened the importance of personal branding, which leads to increased sales, positive online reputation, and trust. Doctors and veterinarians who take personal branding into account are proving its importance and its ability to reach an incredibly wide array of clients. Dr. Oz, Hunter Finn and Bravo’s Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow are four medical professionals turned social media influencers who are perfect examples of how to stand out online, gain a great reputation, and increase their client and fan base.

    DR. OZ

    Dr. Oz can easily be considered the OG of doctors-turned-influencers. He is a Turkish American cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor and author who rose to fame in 2003 when he starred in the Discovery channel’s original series, Second Opinion with Doctor Oz. He then went on to become a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, making over sixty appearances. Dr. Oz applied his media skills when he took to social media and begun to grow a following that has reached almost one million people. He is a perfect example of a physician who has increased his popularity and fame by using social media as an outlet to educate and inspire hundreds and thousands of people worldwide.


    A veterinary based in Arlington, Texas, Hunter Finn has used social media to market himself and his adorable patients. With dreams of becoming a veterinarian at an incredibly young age, Dr. Finn turned what was just a dream into a reality when he graduated from one of the country’s top veterinarian programs at Louisiana State University. The journey was not as easy as it sounds, however, as Dr. Finn was diagnosed with malignant melanoma during the clinical portion of veterinary school. However, after undergoing surgery to remove the cancer on his back as well as a few lymph nodes to be sure it had not spread, Dr. Finn worked with a nutritionist to get his physical health back and finish school. He now practices in Arlington and has taken to social media to spread awareness, cute pictures and his washboard abs. He is a perfect example of a young medical professional who is using social media to his advantage.


    You might know of Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow from Bravo’s incredibly popular TV series, Botched. If you are not familiar with it, the show follows the two plastic surgeons around their Beverly Hills office as they consult patients who have undergone plastic surgery nightmares. The two highly-skilled physicians are able to fix the most difficult of cases, which has gained them worldwide fame and notoriety. These best friends met back in 1999 when Paul’s family introduced him to Terry after meeting him in Newport Beach. The two formed an instant connection and refer to one another as brothers. As social media began to grow in use and popularity, the partners took to Instagram to market themselves and increase their already very large following. Today, the two have accrued over one million followers and regularly post about their personal lives just as much as their professional ones.