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Paid PostUpdated on May 15, 2020. Posted on May 14, 2020

Barbers Share Their Best At-Home Grooming Tips

Neat yo'self!

Going to the barber for a fresh line-up is but a memory for guys these days. So we enlisted the professionals on Gillette's Barber Council to share their best at-home grooming tips to help you look your best...even if your big activity for the day is a video chat.

How to prepare for a shave:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@FahDaBarber1: "A hot towel softens the skin and hair to prepare it for the shave. Just pop a damp hand towel in the microwave for about 20 seconds, then dab your skin with it before starting your shave."

How to avoid razor burn:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@CreamTheBarber: "Use a razor with a sharp blade, and always use some shaving gel or cream to ease the shave. While shaving, minimize the number of strokes you’re using. Finish your shave with a facial spray tonic or aftershave to help bring your skin back to its normal pH levels."

Why a sharp razor really matters:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@JayRMallari: "A sharp razor helps you achieve a smoother, more precise shave. A dull razor can cause skin irritation, small cuts, and even pull hair when gliding across the skin. A new razor will slice each hair stem efficiently to allow hair to grow back evenly, whereas a dull razor can leave the strand jagged and may lead to more ingrown hairs or other post-shave problems."

Which direction should you shave in?

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@JohnCotton3: "Shaving with the grain of your hair (the direction it naturally grows in) drastically reduces razor bumps, but it won’t give you as close of a shave. When you shave against the grain of your hair, you’ll get a much closer shave. So choose your technique based on what matters most to you — comfort, or closeness."

How to avoid nicks and cuts when shaving:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@TheStarsBarber: "When you’re shaving in a tight spot or a tricky area, pull the skin tight with your other finger. This prevents the area you’re shaving from moving with the razor, and it also helps the hairs to stand up, making them easier to cut."

How to line up your beard’s cheek line:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@VinceTheBarber: "Line the top of your beard to wherever the hair on your cheek grows fullest. Some areas of your beard growth may be lighter, and that's what you want to shave off to look clean and even."

How to line up the back of your beard (by the sideburns):

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@RaySantos: "The back of your beard should generally be trimmed in a straight line down from your sideburn. If you have a lot of beard to work with there, you might want to keep the look fuller by lining it with a slight tilt toward the back of the neck."

How to line up your beard's neckline:

Victoria Reyes / Via Buzzfeed

@IAmJoshPereira: "The neckline of your beard depends on the structure of your throat. If you have a double chin, shape it up at your Adam’s apple. If you have a sharp jaw, then cut to the jawline."

At-home grooming can be an intimidating task. But you can do it because Gillette has your back!