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Top 5 Most Annoying Characters In Overwatch

Blizzard's Game of the Year is a wonderful first person shooter, full of colourful and unique characters, all of whom have different skills and abilities for different situations. But there are a select few who are infuriatingly annoying, causing me to go full Primal Rage pretty much every night. Here is my top 5 number most annoying characters in Overwatch.

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5. Genji

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I can never kill Genji! All he does is jump around, swift strike behind me, jump around, deflect my attacks, jump around... did I mention he JUMPS AROUND? I always find myself thinking 'this is it, we've won this game, we've captured 99%, they'll never get in here' and then I see someone is contesting it, but who? Genji of course! Can we kill him? Of course we can't!

4. Tracer

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I love playing as Tracer, so this was a hard pick, but whenever I am playing against one, she drives me insane. Tracer is just so hard to hit because of her speed and whenever I play as a support hero like Mercy or Ana, its always Tracer who comes for me. And if I'm playing as a tank, I know that her Ultimate 'Pulse Bomb' is destined to be stuck on me every two minutes. I'm sorry Tracer, but you're a bit of a pest.

3. Torbjörn

Blizzard / Via

Find yourself a hard to reach corner of the map... Check. Build your turret... Check. Annoy everyone on the attacking team for the next five minutes by making it almost impossible for them to capture the point... Check. Torbjörn ladies and gentlemen, alternatively known as 'Annoying Turret Pirate'. Having a good Pharah on your team is pretty much the only answer to this guy, other than that, enjoy that annoying 'beep beep beep' whilst it slowly kills you.

2. Sombra

Blizzard / Via

Everything can be hacked according to Sombra... I just wish I could hack Overwatch and remove her from the game. All Sombra really does is run behind you and hack you... before running away again. In fact the only time she ever seems to attack is when you're literally about to die, where she pops up to finish you off. Look, I quite enjoy playing as Sombra, but for the sole reason that I know I am being a pest to the other team when I do.

1. Mei

Blizzard / Via

Mei is infuriating. I literally hate playing against her. Her Endothermic Blaster freezes you to a stop, allowing her about 3 weeks to line up an icicle headshot which will kill most characters in the game. She almost always wins 1v1s, and if she is struggling, she simply pops into her Cryo-Freeze and heals herself! And that's all before I've started on her Ice Wall, which will just pop up in front of you randomly whilst you're trying to get to an objective or to defend a point. Her Ultimate 'Blizzard' covers such a large space that if you're playing a King of the Hill or Payload game, she'll pretty much freeze the entire team, and I think she is the only character in the game that is also annoying when she is on your own team... I don't even know how many times the Mei on my team thought it would be funny to put an Ice Wall on the entrance at the start of a game. Everything about Mei, from her abilities to her voice lines that say "Sorry Sorry Sorry" after she has killed you, are designed to troll, which makes her by far the most annoying character in Overwatch.

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