The Evolution Of Zombies

The zombies of today are much more advanced than they used to be. Here is a timeline that tracks their growth and transformation into creatures we don’t have to fear — and to learn more about the undead, click here or check out #dontbescared on Twitter.

1. They started out as slaves in “White Zombie,” in 1932

Edward Halperin Productions / Via

In what is widely considered to be the first “zombie” movie, these undead creatures were tasked with operating a plantation. Poor guys.

2. But then they realized their superiors don’t know everything and revolted in “Night of the Living Dead,” in 1968

Image Ten Productions / Via

Everyone is deserving of respect!

3. They began to enjoy their freedom when Michael Jackson led them in a flash mob for “Thriller,” in 1983

They weren’t even mad when he was the only one allowed to wear red.

4. Then they became foodies in “The Return Of The Living Dead,” in 1985

Cinema 84 / Via

This was the first time a zombie ate brains. And ran, actually — so ‘85 was a big year for them!

5. They learned about rivalries and schemes in “Death Becomes Her,” in 1992

Universal Pictures / Via

Recklessness is never classy.

6. But then they experienced sadness for the first time when they weren’t invited to a party in “Dead Alive,” in 1992

WingNut Films / Via

Hurt feelings hurt.

7. And in 2002’s “Resident Evil,” they found out that they occasionally don’t stand a chance

Constantin Film Produktion / Via

Better to back away if you’re standing in front of someone like her.

8. And 2 years later in “Shaun of the Dead,” they officially decided humans weren’t worth it

Universal Pictures / Via

We’re mostly fat, anyway.

9. Things got better for them though, because in 2006’s “Fido,” they felt the beauty of friendship

Lions Gate Films / Via

And all the bruises that come with it.

10. And most recently, they witnessed true love in this year’s “Warm Bodies”

Summit Entertainment / Via

Apparently, you don’t need blood circulation to get goosebumps.

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Look at all the nice things zombies are up to these days!

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