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14 Signs Your Parents Still Think You’re Twelve

You may be a full-grown adult now but to your doting parents you're still their little kid. Recognise these tell-tale signs? Fear not, with giffgaff you don’t have to keep saying you’re not a kid anymore — we’re all the boss.

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1. When they try to give you money to go buy milk on the corner. / Via

You have a job now! You can afford the 49p for a pint of milk!

2. When your dad insists on helping with the flatpack furniture. / Via

He doesn't want to answer that question you're going to ask an hour from now about what to do with the leftover bits.

3. When your mum cuts the crusts off that jam sandwich she just made you.

Warner Bros. / Via

You're an ADULT and you can HANDLE CRUSTS NOW. Maybe.

4. When a sexy bit is about to happen in a movie and they change the channel as if you won’t notice. / Via

Sure, we were always watching this show.

5. When they put sugar in your tea even though you gave that up in 1997.

6. When you’re given a cake wrapped in tinfoil for the train. / Via

Thanks mum.

7. When your dad insists on buying all the beers when you take him to the pub. / Via

(You can have a lemonade.)

8. When your pudding is limited to two biscuits even though it’s your house and you bought the biscuits.

NBC / Via

#toptip: saying "But Mu—um!" does not make you sound like an adult who deserves a third Digestive.

9. When your mum cleans your room while you're still in bed. / Via

Duvet up to the eyes.

10. When your mum waits up for you to come home from wherever. / Via

...And makes you feel guilty for it even though you had no idea she was doing that.

11. When you're hounded for months after your birthday to make sure you send thank you cards for the birthday cards. / Via

Will this cycle never end?!

12. When you can never be warm enough, no matter how warm you swear you are. / Via

Are you SURE you don't want to take a coat with you? Just in case?

13. When you get a thing for Christmas that you would have really liked years ago.

BBC / Via

The files have not been updated.

14. When your mum cleans some ketchup off your face in front of everyone, with a hanky. / Via

Well, at least your mum thinks you're cool.

We love it, but sometimes we just wanna be the boss. With giffgaff, we're all the boss.