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    I've Pet More Than 300 Dogs And They Were All Good Dogs

    I'm a 9-year-old boy who loves dogs, and I've decided to pet as many as I can.

    I'm Gideon. I love dogs and I love petting them. I wanted to see how many different dogs I could meet and pet, so I decided take pictures and post them on a website. I started my website a year and a half ago in September of 2016. Since then, I have pet over 300 dogs!

    I pet Snickers.

    I've Pet That Dog

    She is a 14 year old golden doodle. Her owner got her for his wife right before his second deployment to Iraq. He wanted Snickers to keep his wife company and watch over her.

    I pet Izzy.

    I've Pet That Dog

    She is a golden retriever, red pit bull mix. She was adopted and her owner worried she might not be friendly to other people. But he says she is the sweetest dog he’s ever known.

    I pet Abigail and Louis.

    I've Pet That Dog

    Abigail is a purebred beagle who was bred to hunt rabbits, but she has never been hunting. She loves to run fast. She is like a mom to little Louis, who is 3 months old. He is a dachshund, rat terrier mix. His tail never stops wagging! They were so cute. 🐶🐕

    I like meeting all dogs, but some of my favorites on my website are Clementine, Jax the little puppy, Bertha, and Chubby.

    Clementine is the 300th dog I’ve pet! Clementine was so tiny and cute. She loves cuddling!

    I've Pet That Dog

    She is a 10 week old cocker spaniel puppy. Her mother couldn’t make milk, so she was raised and nursed by a shih tzu who had just given birth. Clementine is cuddly and playful. She likes to play tug of war.

    Jax was so hyper and playful. He was hilarious to pet.

    I've Pet That Dog

    Bertha is a St. Bernard who I have known since she was a puppy. She looked like a grown dog as a puppy because she was so big! Now she has grown to be at least double the size of a labrador.

    I've Pet That Dog

    Whenever I see Chubby, he barks at me. Then I get down to his level and he stops. He lets me pet his belly and starts to follow me around.

    I've Pet That Dog

    I like dogs because they are super cute.

    I pet Nala.

    I've Pet That Dog

    She is a German shepherd, border collie mix. Nala was given to her current caregivers when she needed a new home. Without them, she would have wound up in a shelter. She loves people and peanut butter.

    Dogs can play with you and they are good company.

    I pet Sable.

    I've Pet That Dog

    She was a rescue from Oklahoma who was brought to Cedar Bend Humane Society and adopted. At first, she was afraid of all people and other animals. But she seemed happy to be pet today! Her caregiver says she is an imp, who takes things and hides them.

    I like that they have fluffy fur.

    I pet Oliver.

    I've Pet That Dog

    He is a one-and-a-half-year-old goldendoodle. He can jump in the air for treats and loves belly rubs. Right when I pet him, he rolled right over and showed me his belly!

    My favorite breed of dog is chihuahua. I am in a Chihuahua Fan Club with my friend.

    I pet Buddy.

    I've Pet That Dog

    He is a 10 year old chihuahua. His caregivers got him when he was 8 months old from a breeder. Buddy is deaf. He may be little, but he thinks he is a really big dog.

    Every dog is different and that is another reason why I like dogs.

    I pet Little Bud.

    I've Pet That Dog

    He was also adopted from the Cedar Bend Humane Society recently. He is a chihuahua, pug mix. His caregivers call him their “little summer sausage."

    Here are my tips for people out there who want to pet more dogs:

    First, you walk up to the caregiver and ask, “Can I please pet your dog?”

    If they say yes, don’t just start petting the dog. Walk slowly, stick your hand under their nose and let them sniff you. Then you can pet the dog.

    Here’s a tip for very big, excited dogs: Don’t sit on the ground! They will jump on you.

    Follow along on my website or Twitter to see all the new dogs I pet!