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Guess The One Direction Lyrics!

Guess the 1D Lyrics

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  1. "Somehow it feels like nothing has changed, right now my heart is beating the same..."
    Once In A Lifetime
    Fool's Gold
    Same Mistakes
    Back For You
  2. "Holding you in my arms, When the air ran out and we both started running wild, The sky fell down..."
    Stand Up
    Tell Me A Lie
    What A Feeling
  3. "Girl, that should be me calling on your phone, Saying you're the one and that I'll never let you go..."
    Save You Tonight
    Na Na Na
    Loved You First
  4. "I wish it was me that you’ll call later on, 'Cause you wanna say good night..."
    I Wish
    I Want
    Better Than Words
    One Thing
  5. "The script was written and I could not change a thing, I want to rip it all to shreds and start again..."

    More Than This
    Something Great
    Rock Me

Guess The One Direction Lyrics!

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