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5 Easy Halloween Costumes For Your Furry Best Friend

Unsure what to dress your pet up as this Halloween? Here are five easy DIY costumes that will have you DYING to dress your fur baby up this Halloween. BEWARE these DIY's might make you want to dress your pet up year round!

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1. Chia Pet Costume / Via

If you are nostalgic for the 90's this chia pet costume is perfect for your pooch! To create this look for your dog all you will need is some fabric and an artificial plant mat and BAM you have your very own cha cha chia pet!

2. Harry Pupper


Let your pup cast some spells this Halloween with an adorable Harry potter costume! To make this costume at home all you will need is a grey child sized shirt, fabric, fabric adhesive, and black pipe cleaners.

Check out the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to create costume for your four legged wizard:

3. Pup-kin Spiced Latte

Romp Rescue / Via

Dress your pup as your favorite fall drink with this super easy pumpkin spiced latte halloween costume. Only three steps for this DIY costume

1) grab some cardboard to create a cup sleeve by drawing on the Starbucks symbol

2) Attach elastic to a coffee cup lid

And there you have it your very own pup-kin spiced latte!

4. Wrecking Pup Costume

Romp Rescue / Via

Top the charts with this #1 hit costume. Everybody loved Miley Cyrus's music video for wrecking ball and this wrecking pup costume will be Halloween show stopper. Grab an old barbie and stuff some grey fabric to create a wrecking pup of your own!!

5. Beanie Puppy

Pugdemonium / Via

Have you ever wished their was a beanie baby that looked exactly like your furry friend? Grant your wish with the easiest (and possibly the custest) at home Halloween costume of them all. Simply grab some construction paper and ribbon and create a customized beanie baby tag for your pooch!

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