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11 People Who Could Use A Pick-Me-Up During The Holidays

Don't be afraid to show these underappreciated people how much you care. Give them a little taste of Ghirardelli to brighten their day — 'tis the season for sharing SQUARES® after all!

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1. Battling the elements, carrying gifts across barriers, give some extra thanks to your tireless mail carrier!

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Sweep yours off their tired feet by tying together a little cluster of some different flavored SQUARES chocolates™ to leave inside the box on their last stop before the holiday!

2. Charming gift recipients with toile, tulle, or twine – show extra love to your gift-wrapper for boxes decorated mighty fine!

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Celebrate their flare with a SQUARES chocolate™ of appreciation before they even put their talent to the test – the sugar rush will make for some magical presents!

3. Make these people smile through all the salt and soda – bring a surprise to the movie theater snack counter and meet your kindness quota!

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Why doesn't the seller and sorter of snacks get their own award as the award-worthy movies are shown to so many people during the season? Stash a SQUARES chocolate™ between a few bills of cash when purchasing your snacks, then sneakily walk away to the fixings bar.

4. They keep your community singing and dancing at this special time every year – how about a little candy love for the pageant coordinator already spreading such cheer?

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Give them a purpose to take their hands from the piano and indulge in a moment before the cast members take their places one last time! Pool together with fellow families to provide him/her with a gift pack of multiple kinds just before the curtain call on closing night.

5. Snagging the perfect find in a department store is tough, but SQUARING the person that helps you will certainly make their season less rough!

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Imagine the love and care these lovelies put into every single purchase being made this season, and show your special appreciation with a SQUARES chocolate™ as soon as they introduce themselves to you in case you meet their acquaintance again when it's time for returns.

6. Whether entertaining old friends or having a drink with ones visiting from afar, take a moment to delight the one serving you from behind the bar!

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Try topping off your cocktail by giving a chocolate tip in addition to the customary dollar!

7. Whether it's reservations or walk-ins, this one's dedicated to the dining room – hand your hostess an unexpected treat to make them smile during the holiday seating boom!

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You may leave a tip for service at the table, but toss the sweet person that seated you a SQUARES chocolate™ on your way out the door as an additionally memorable thank you.

8. You'll be greeting the grins of these grocery store gods and goddesses many times – how about some chocolate to balance out all those scanner chimes?

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Make a return to the supermarket at some point before the celebrations start, but with a bundle of SQUARES chocolates™ just to say thank you to the person that packed the bags of your largest haul back home.

9. They hang on the line fielding complaints with patience that never ends – this holiday, reaffirm how kindness can transcend!

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Imagine the cheer of completing a conversation with a chocolate exclamation point! After being assisted, ask for their supervisor just to psych them out, find out a forwarding address, and surprise the person to much unfounded delight!

10. With both hands on the wheel, they'll take you from door to door – how about an extra candy tip that'll leave your driver's jaw on the floor?

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They're taking time from their families to make sure you get to yours with the same level of love and care, as long as they're keeping their hands on 10-and-2 while doing so. Toss your taxi driver a SQUARES chocolate™, or several to share just as they drop you at your door.

11. Their priority revolves around security and safety – if you threw a little sweetness in the mix, how unexpectedly lovely would that be?

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After you pass the TSA scans to get on the plane, leave a treat behind that'll pass every test! Keep a few SQUARES chocolates™ stashed in your coat pocket to hand out as you head toward your gate.

And when the time comes to kick off your shoes and relax, don't forget the most important person who deserves a sweet snack!

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Sometimes the best moments involve simply taking one for yourself, after taking so many for the team. Treat yourself at some point, too! ;)